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The Kouluniemi Artist Residence is in the former Laitiala Village School on the shore of Lake Puula and is best suited for writers, musicians, researchers and photographers. The residence is available throughout the year.

Kouluniemi is located in the village of Laitiala, 8 km from downtown Kangasniemi, in a peaceful place on the shore of Lake Puula. Kouluniemi is an old village school; the school was in operation until 2000, after which time the doors were opened for older people.
The school was used as a popular adventure trip site for three years. The school has been renovated for the past two years with the goal of making it a culture-centred holiday centre where events, courses and exhibitions can be arranged as well as board-and-lodging accommodation 
offered. The former teachers’ flats have been converted into pleasant apartments and the classrooms as well altered into living and working spaces.

For whom
The residence is suitable for representatives of various branches of art, for working and living.
The working premises can be modified based on your needs. The property includes two spacious classrooms, one of which is a so-called music library. You can create or listen to music in a peaceful environment. There you can also focus on studying, research, writing or reading.
The second classroom has been left empty so that each artist can create an environment to suit his or her wishes and needs. The classroom can be turned into a painter's studio, for example.

There is a studio apartment, a one bedroom apartment and a two bedroom apartment. The apartments can be divided into spacious private rooms full of light and suitable for peaceful working. Each unit has a well equipped private kitchen, a toilet or a bathroom and a television set.

Kouluniemi can also provide additional services which should be discussed in advance. We can offer catering as well as transportation. Other services are also available in the region, such as exhibition rooms for rent as well as equipment for sale and for rent as well as equipment 
repairs. All the tourism companies in the region are at your service as well as the services of a library.

Special remarks
The music/arts library is equipped with the equipment needed in listening and/or making music; it is also used as a library and a peaceful recreational area. There is a spacious assembly hall which can be modified based on your needs. The entrance lobby serves as an art gallery. There 
is a new granary and a large outbuilding in the yard. Kouluniemi also includes a sauna and an outdoor hot tub.
Artists can actively participate in the activity of the house, participate in events and arrange events or workshops themselves, if they like.

The residence is available throughout the year for one to three months. Shorter periods are also possible.

Price € 700 / month / person; apartment, working premises, use of public premises and internet facilities. Meals are not included but breakfast is available on order. Payments in advance.

The former Laitiala Village School is located in a beautiful and very peaceful place in the middle of the Finnish wilderness, on the shore of Lake Puula. The region offers several activities, such as canoeing, riding, fishing, golf, boating and guided boat cruises. In the wintertime, you can 
hike in the wild and practice all kinds of wintertime activities. The alternatives include snowmobile safaris, skiing, snow shoeing or a relaxing sauna and a dip in a hole in the ice of the lake.

Getting there
Kangasniemi is located along excellent traffic connections, midway from Mikkeli to Jyväskylä. Laitiala Village is approximately 8 km from Kangasniemi towards the municipality of Joutsa.
The best way to reach Kangasniemi from abroad is to fly to Helsinki or Jyväskylä. When coming from Helsinki, you should first take a train to Mikkeli and continue by bus to Kangasniemi. When coming from Jyväskylä, you should take a bus right away: the bus to Mikkeli stops at